Photo Walks 2016

Singapore is a metropolitan city unique in its fusion of greenery in the cityscape. While we’re a jungle of skyscrapers and concrete structures, there are still places in Singapore teeming with wildlife and fauna, places where you can catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset for your next composition.

Join Gray in a Photography Walk that explores novel ways of creating moving images and expressing artistic intent. Gray, as the lead photographer, will be sharing and guiding you in finding the art and beauty for the compositions you’ve been waiting to create.

While it’s all about photography, it’s also a great chance for you to get out, meet new people, and join a group of like-minded individuals in pursuing your passions. Register your interest now – don’t hesitate, there are limited vacancies up for grabs!

Register your interest now!

Status: No upcoming event planned yet.

Past Events

Status: Event over

Location: Chinese Garden

Date: 26 November 16, Saturday

Time: 5 PM to 8 PM

Duration: 3 hours

Group Size: maximum of 7 (first come first serve)

Topic: Blue hour, Sunset, Landscape

Sunset photographs are always beautiful. Ever wonder if you could take one yourself? Together with Gray Ang, we travel to the west to see one of the most spectacular sunset in the sky, with the foreground of Chinese Garden’s beautiful architecture of pagodas.